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Chepstow Archaeological Society
Chepstow Archaeological Society

Chepstow Festival Lecture
7.30 pm, Thursday 3 July 2008 at the Drill Hall, Chepstow.
This was a sellout, and we made a donation of 100 to the Festival.
Sorry to those who couldn't get in, and thanks to all those who supported it.
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Chepstow Castle & Wye
Chepstow Castle

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Chepstow Archaeological Society

The Chepstow Archaeological Society is an  informal, friendly registered charity group with the aim of promoting an interest in the local archaeology and history - particularly "HANDS-ON" Aspects.  We concern ourselves with the area between the rivers Severn, Wye and Usk in GWENT or the March County of MONMOUTHSHIRE.

Hence the abbreviation CAS GWENT, which links us back to Chepstow, but we do not neglect Newport, Caerleon, Caerwent or less well known sites.

We cover all periods, from prehistoric through Roman & Medieval to more recent, and members are interested in excavation, experimental  archaeology and other research.

Above all we enjoy Archaeology - why not join us and share the fun and excitement ?

CIA Group 2000 courtesy Ian MacFarlane
Key CAS Members at the CIA Conference Salisbury 2000

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Content is the most important part of the CAS web site, which is currently under continuing developmemt. This site is now loosely based on a classic broadsheet newspaper and is predominantly text based for ease of loading... [more]

Flyss & Chris - can we sell you 
		an Archaeological Society CAS actively support local festivals - Chepstow 2000..

Members at Nantgarw Pottery 2002 
		courtesy Ian MacFarlane CAS Members at Nantgarw Pottery 2002

Desperadoes CAS Members as Victorian Archaeologists - Caerwent 2000..

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Chepstow Archaeological Society

The Chepstow Archaeological Society (C.A.S.) was formed in January 1996 to explore the Archaeology of Chepstow and the surrounding area and to provide a focus for local people interested in its history and pre-history.  The membership and range of activities of the Society has expanded rapidly and we now have a full programme of talks, field visits and hands-on archaeology and training.  Maintaining a close relationship with other archaeological societies (including Monmouth Archaeology, Dean Archaelogical Group, GADARG, Woolhope ARS and the Friends of the Newport Ship) and research organisations (GGAT, UWCN), we aim to provide coverage of a much neglected area of the Border Marches.  We publish our own magazine and newsletters for members.

Roundheads en folie The Parliamentarians are fighting to get to our lectures..

Chepstow Archaeological Society

Join the Chepstow Archaeological Society and see the hidden sites of Gwent...

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We're rushing to join the CAS.

The CAS Programme....[more]

Newport Save Our Ship Campaign


The C.A.S. recently played a major part in

Newport's Save Our Ship Campaign.

This international campaign successfully lobbied for the recording, recovery and conservation of the 13th Century Ship discovered in Newport. Long term it is proposed to preserve and display the vessel in Newport. C.A.S. and the Friends of the Newport Ship are campaigning to ensure that a proper archaeological management plan is developed, and the future of the Newport Ship is not jeopardised.

Things are now looking up, but watch out for news. Thanks to everybody for their support.


Castle from the river courtesy Ian MacFarlane
Chepstow Castle from the river

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Rivertrip courtesy Ian MacFarlane

A view of the Castle from a summer river trip 2001

Why Archaeology ?

What makes us different from many other local history or antiquarian societies is the opportunity for hands-on experience.  We provide support for local excavations and Field Walking, and in 1999 we commenced our own training dig, Projects allow regular opportunities for training and practice in all aspects of field and desk research.

We are active in campaigning to save our local Archaeological Heritage, and fully supported Newport's Save Our Ship Campaign and the Friends of the Newport Ship.

Hon Sec & Chair courtesy Ian MacFarlane

Hon Secretary & Chairman all at sea Flatholm 2001

Who Are CAS ?

Our membership includes seasoned, professional excavators, experimental archaeologists, scientists and, most valued, the keen amateurs.  C.A.S. has close links with local educational establishments offering Archaeological options, and a number of our members have obtained formal qualifications. 

Summer BBQ courtesy Ian MacFarlane

The CAS know how to live

A Friendly Society

We are noted for our relaxed and friendly approach, and remain totally informal.  We welcome and encourage Novices or Experts who can participate as fully as they wish either in practical aspects, research or organisation.   

Above all we enjoy Archaeology - why not join us and share the fun and excitement ?

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Even tortoises are welcome
Chepstow Archaeological Society

Local Map

Chepstow Map

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CAS field walking

Picture - Field walking at Llanmelin. As featured in the EMA Network Magazine, and on Crimewatch UK.
No Hill Forts or Chairmen were harmed in the making of this Picture.

Tenth Anniversary Lecture 5th January 2006
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Colin Harris
Hon. Chairman, C.A.S.,
9 Lilac Drive
NP25 5DY

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